Can you put a price on reliability? Absolutely. Just ask a laundromat owner who has had a pair of 60-pound washer-extractors out of service for a couple weeks. They will be able to tell you what the down equipment cost them.

That’s why laundromat owners must make selecting highly reliable equipment a priority for their retools or new store developments. Huebsch has given reliability the same sharp focus. As a leading vended laundry brand of Alliance Laundry Systems, the global leader in commercial laundry, Huebsch delivers the pinnacle of reliability. So how do Alliance provide such peace of mind to Huebsch owners? The secret is quality, and it is at the center of everything we do as a world-leading company.

At Alliance Laundry Systems, “Leading Performance” isn’t just a tagline. For more than 110 years, we have made laundry our singular focus. We innovate with purpose and test with a cool impartiality to ensure that every product we put into production is up to our ultimate reliability pedigree.

Leading performance is truly embodied by each individual who designs, builds, tests…and re-tests Alliance Laundry Systems equipment. Durability of design is a must and reliability non-negotiable. Evidence of that commitment is omni-present:

  • Over the last several years we’ve invested more than $300 million into research and development;
  • We’ve created two state-of-the-art test labs dedicated to putting our laundry equipment through brutal, punishing testing to ensure reliability;
  • Alliance has nurtured a culture that rewards innovation;
  • Each individual on the production line is empowered to stop the line if he or she sees any sign of compromised quality;
  • We maintain an unwavering commitment to continuous product improvements that deliver top-of-industry performance.

To learn more about the quality processes that contribute to our industry-leading reliability, watch our Leading Performance video.