The lint nightmare ends now.

Since there have been dryers, there has been lint. Seems like a little inconvenience…
that is, until you see all the ways it costs your laundromat.
All that ends today.

ProCapture by Huebsch
collects 98% of
dryer-generated lint.*

There’s more! We also added sensors and fine-tuned our tumble dryers’ operating systems to maximize airflow – further increasing each unit’s efficiency with every cycle.


As the industry leader, we are focused on developing products and features that solve customer problems. So, when our recent survey of laundromat owners uncovered that lint-related issues were a major pain point – and expense – we set to developing a solution. We even enlisted outside experts, who said what we were trying to do was impossible.

We told our engineers it’s “impossible”. They delight in proving us wrong.

… and Delivers

Hear about the feature’s beginnings directly from our research and development team in this video.

by the Numbers

Why ProCapture?

When you solve a problem that’s plagued the laundry industry for… well, basically forever, you turn a tumble dryer feature into something more – a laundromat investment that delivers real dividends. So, what will ProCapture bring to your business that no other tumble dryer on the market can?

Decreased maintenance costs. You already know that lint is far more than an annoyance. Lint accumulates on every surface and component. With ProCapture, you see reduced maintenance costs associated with lint accumulation.

Decreased staff cleaning time. Staff that spends less time cleaning lint compartments and sweeping lint from all corners of the store, have more time for other tasks. That means higher productivity and less overtime.

A clean and healthy environment. Your laundromat has one more differentiator to tout in marketing to customers – the cleanest laundromat environment in the market. This is also a definite plus for keeping staff happy.

Less down time. Remember those maintenance costs referenced above? Well, we all know where there are maintenance costs, there are repairs. With ProCapture in your laundromat, your machines will see less downtime from lint problems.


The combination of ProCapture and our tumble dryers’ upgraded airflow technology means maximum airflow, maximum drying power, and maximum productivity. You will avoid damage and dangerous situations like the below examples.

Bottom line: ProCapture delivers return on tumble dryer investment like nothing else on the market.

the total package

ProCapture builds on Huebsch’s already legendary tumble dryer story.
But we also give you more:

Prevent Damage to Sweep Sheets. Our patent-pending oblong cylinder perforations allow drywall screws and other items to drop harmlessly into the lint compartment without causing damage to sweep sheets or the cylinder.

Industry-Best Warranty. Galaxy Touch-controlled tumblers come with industry-best five-year warranties.

Exclusive Modifiers. Tumble dryers equipped with Galaxy Touch open the world of premium cycle options – something no other brand offers on the dry side.

*Results derived from internal lab testing environment produced 97.84% lint capture efficiency with bath towel loads dried at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. No independent lab testing was conducted. These results represent findings from controlled laboratory conditions and may not accurately simulate real-world usage of the product as effectiveness can vary widely depending on factors such as method of use, load type, environment, individual user characteristics, and other circumstances.

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