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Huebsch® Laundromat Machines Rise Above the Rest.

Be blown away by state-of-the-art Huebsch machines that exceed expectations. Our ultra-efficient equipment features intuitive technology, world-class durability and money-saving innovations to meet today’s demands. Achieve a clean look to match immaculate results with Huebsch laundromat equipment, whether opening a new store or replacing machines.

Maximize Your Money.

Boosting revenue is easier than ever with Huebsch laundromat equipment. Our commercial laundromat machines can withstand constant use without delays, breakdowns or repairs. More uptime means more money in your pocket—and less time dealing with unhappy customers. Optimize your returns from anywhere with an internet connection using Huebsch Command. Huebsch offers financing with low, competitive rates to get started.


Redefine Coin
Laundry Equipment.

Huebsch defies the odds. With a variety of payment options, machines from Huebsch offer convenience far beyond traditional coin laundry equipment. Our machines are backed by sophisticated software and tech tools that streamline the laundry experience for you and your customers. From touch controls to language options to maintenance warnings, our machines make operating a laundromat simple and efficient.

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Bye, Breakdowns.

Owning a laundromat shouldn’t be stressful. When you open a new store or replace with Huebsch vended laundry equipment, you benefit from commercial-grade strength backed by rigorous testing. Our machines operate around the clock with ease—minimizing hassles like breakdowns and repairs that negatively affect your bottom line.


Huebsch Laundromat Equipment

Why are Huebsch commercial laundry machines the smart option for laundromat owners?2023-04-30T18:33:14+00:00

Owners and customers love the modern features of Huebsch commercial laundry machines. Our machines offer modern payment methods including credit cards, Venmo® or PayPal®. With our smart technology, laundromat owners can use their smartphones to monitor mobile payments, machine performance, error messages and more from anywhere with internet connection. Customers appreciate easy-to-use, touch screen controls for hassle-free service.

How do I know what vended laundromat machines I should get?2023-06-20T11:31:43+00:00

We offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs. The right machines for you will depend on your operation size, needs and budget—all of which a Huebsch specialist will discuss with you. 

No matter if you’re replacing equipment or opening a new store, we’ll provide machine recommendations that fit your budget, space and demand for the best returns. If you’re new to the laundromat business, we can guide you through store design, layout, utility hookups, local code regulations and finding the right contractors. 

Why shouldn’t I go with cheaper coin laundry equipment?2023-06-19T15:36:50+00:00

Huebsch machines offer lower long-term ownership costs than competitors. With our commercial laundromat machines, you’ll save more and make more money than with other machines. A higher upfront cost means lower costs later—preventing you from unanticipated breakdowns and repairs that waste valuable time and money. 

Stand Out.
Become a Huebsch Laundromat.

Huebsch is different from the rest. Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect Huebsch laundromat equipment for your needs.

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