You need only look around a commercial area to see the success of businesses catering to our fast-paced society needs. Drive-through coffee shops, 10-minute oil changes, fast-food restaurants and automatic car wash franchises are just a few of the models turning time savings into profits.

Coin laundries are providing similar efficiency with their large, multi-load commercial laundry equipment. These machines enable customers to reduce what would be an all-day task in their homestyle washer and dryer to just one hour at a vended laundry.

Investors have been parlaying time savings into big profits, particularly in the United States, where coin laundries generate $5 billion annually, according to the Coin Laundry Association (CLA).

Adding to the appeal of self service vended laundries as an investment opportunity is the fact that clean clothes are a necessity. One can choose not to go out for lunch, a premium cup of coffee or even wash their car. But clean clothes are a must. That fact also makes the business virtually recession proof.

And coin laundries deliver benefits other ventures can’t, starting with no franchise fees. Once you open a vended laundry with Huebsch® equipment, the business is all yours. Unlike many other small business ventures, vended laundries have no on-going corporate mandates or annual franchise fees.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Great Potential ROI of 25 to 35 Percent
  • Cash Business
  • Payment Upfront Before Service
  • Off-Site Management — You Determine Your Own Level of Involvement
  • No Payroll/Withholding Headaches

With Huebsch®‘s more than 100-year history, superior market knowledge, wide variety of services and reliable commercial laundry equipment, we have all the tools available to assist entrepreneurs in opening a coin laundry, whether as an added source of income, retirement investment or a full-time business venture. To learn more about the self service laundry business and how Huebsch® is with you every step of the way, select from the links on the left.


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