Always weigh the options and ROI

Like any business, laundromats must be driven by return on investment (ROI). And with equipment providing the muscle of a self-serve laundry business, owners must consider the models that deliver the highest ROI.  So, inevitably the question asked is what […]


The best laundromats start with a plan, part 2

In our last blog post, we introduced the starting points to a solid business plan to make sure your laundromat business gets off on the right foot. Below, you’ll find the rest of our business plan tips. Missed part one? […]

6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

The best laundromats start with a plan

The saying goes, every battle is won before it is ever fought. Perhaps more simply put, planning matters. It’s a true statement in most areas of life, including the laundromat business.  While there’s excitement and a desire to jump in […]


Touchscreens bring a stack of benefits

Touchscreens have made our lives far simpler. Laundromat customers agree – just ask those who have been introduced to the Huebsch Galaxy Touch control. Better yet, ask the owners of these laundromats.  While reasons to upgrade dated equipment in general […]