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It’s Possible with Huebsch® Commercial Laundry Equipment Financing.

Making a worthwhile investment doesn’t require all upfront cash. With Huebsch commercial laundry equipment financing, you don’t have to wait to make the moves. You improve your operation quickly with state-of-the-art Huebsch equipment designed for your success.

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Low Rates for High Returns.

Explore laundry equipment financing designed specifically for the laundry industry. Our specialized options meet your unique needs.

To get pre-approved for financing, complete the simple one-page online credit application at the link, below, or call: 877-908-5030.

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Our Financial Services Include

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When you partner with Huebsch, you’ll get personalized service from the very beginning. Your dedicated Huebsch Financial Manager will craft a comprehensive plan tailored to your situation. Once you’re pre-approved, our specialists will recommend a variety of equipment to fit your financing budget and store needs.

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Huebsch Commercial Laundry Equipment Financing

What are the minimum and maximum terms for financing? 2023-06-20T11:28:04+00:00

The minimum term is 36 months. The maximum term ranges based on your loan amount: 

  • Loans < $50k = 36 – 60 months 
  • Loans > $50k = 61 – 84 months 
  • Loans > $100k = 85 – 96 months 
  • Loans > $500k = 97 – 108 months 
  • Loans > $700k = 109 – 120 months 

These terms are for replacement equipment and new store equipment. Alliance Laundry Systems reserves the right to withdraw the program earlier for certain terms. 

Do I need a security deposit for laundromat equipment financing? 2023-05-04T15:59:51+00:00

No. When you partner with Huebsch, there are no security deposits or prepayment penalties. 

What is the most I can finance with Huebsch? 2023-05-04T15:59:32+00:00

You can finance up to $2 million, whether opening a new store or replacing machines. 

Do you offer pre-approvals? 2023-05-04T15:59:17+00:00

Yes. Through our PREQUAL Program, customers can receive immediate feedback based on an estimated financed amount by submitting only a completed credit application and personal financial statement. 

How fast can I expect an answer on my credit application? 2023-06-20T11:29:20+00:00

Credit decisions are usually made within 24 hours of receiving a complete application package. 

How do I get started? 2023-07-11T13:48:17+00:00

Complete our one-page credit application and visit your local distributor to identify your equipment needs. Your distributor will help prepare a complete finance package based on the amount of your loan request.

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What are my cash investment requirements on a new store purchase? 2023-05-04T15:58:30+00:00

Alliance will finance up to 70% of the total project cost, meaning you only need a 30% cash investment. The total project cost consists of all costs associated with building the laundromat, including equipment, leasehold improvements, construction, impact fees and all other costs.

Are there any prepayment penalties? 2023-05-04T15:58:13+00:00

No, our loans can be prepaid in full or part at any time without penalties.

Is there an application fee?2023-08-16T13:27:09+00:00

While Alliance does not charge an application fee, there is a one-time administration fee due after loan closing. The fee is .50% of the financed amount with a minimum of $500 and is capitalized into the loan balance at the time of funding. Seasonal promotions, refinancing and acquisitions may deviate from the standard.

Can I submit a credit application through fax or priority mail?2023-05-04T15:49:41+00:00

Yes, please download the PDFs below and mail to Financial Services Department, P.O. Box 990, Ripon, WI 54971 or fax to 1-920-748-4477.

Laundry Equipment Financing that Works for You.

Create a stable future by opening a laundromat, replacing your equipment or securing durable on-premises and business machines. At Huebsch, it’s possible with affordable laundry equipment financing options. Connect with our team today for your personalized plan.

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