4 tips to help drive laundromat marketing efforts

You got into the laundromat business because of the return on investment. And while many stores hit their stride right out of the gate, most have a ramp up to hitting pro forma projections. During this time, patience is key, […]

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Article looks at future of AI in laundromats

Two words have, seemingly overnight, have become part of our daily lexicon – Artificial Intelligence, or AI. While we might hear the term used frequently, there are still questions on just what it is and how it will, and already […]


Huebsch gives you far more for your money

Let’s be honest, if you want to equip your laundromat business with cheaper equipment than Huebsch, you can. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand that delivers more value than Huebsch. Here’s how: Premium controls. Want to make […]


Pair your great technology with great service

So much is made about the importance of technology in today’s laundromat. Certainly, there’s no way to minimize the impact of touchscreens, apps, and cashless payment, but the pinnacle of technology likely can’t help a store that is underachieving in […]

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Alliance finance specialist shares thoughts on 2024 laundromat financing landscape

In 2023, the finance landscape brought plenty of uncertainty, and likely more than a few laundromat owners decided, in the face of those question marks, to postpone expansion plans or store retools. So, as inflation and Fed interest rate hikes […]

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Alliance VP shares thoughts for industry article

Our industry continues to show strength, even as the US economy finds its way through a period of recession. The current state of the laundromat industry and the path forward was the topic of a recent article by American Coin-Op […]


Laundromat owner gives back to the community

It’s sometimes easy to forget the valuable service that laundromats provide. Clean clothes are a basic need and contribute to human dignity. We walk a bit taller when we have clean clothes. So, for those with no access to laundry […]


Always weigh the options and ROI

Like any business, laundromats must be driven by return on investment (ROI). And with equipment providing the muscle of a self-serve laundry business, owners must consider the models that deliver the highest ROI.  So, inevitably the question asked is what […]

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