Find Faster Performance with Huebsch® On-premises Laundry Machines.

Seize the day with dependable machines from Huebsch®—designed for constant use and quick results. Save on long-term costs with less repairs and breakdowns, resulting in a hassle-free experience for your on-premises staff.

Our quality OPL commercial laundry machines serve:

  • Hotels: Our hotel laundry equipment is built for around-the-clock productivity.
  • Long-term Care: Feel confident with reliable machines ready for any mess, any time.
  • Fire Departments: Get the heavy-duty clean you need with powerful equipment.
  • Light Commercial Laundry: Rely on trustworthy machines for your small business, including salons, restaurants, campgrounds and more.

The Huebsch® team is well-versed in on-premises laundry in hotels and other industries. Expert specialists are ready to help find the perfect on-premises laundry solution for you.


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On-premises Laundry Equipment from Huebsch®

Do you offer a warranty on OPL commercial laundry machines?2023-05-03T01:03:37+00:00

You’re in luck! Yes, our Huebsch vended cabinet hardmount washer extractors are covered with a 10-year extended warranty. Find out more about our warranty coverage. 

How do Huebsch machines help save money?2023-07-06T21:10:37+00:00

Our energy-efficient machines are proven to reduce utility bills with less energy, water and gas consumption than competitors.  

Compared to competitors, Huebsch machines save: 

  • 154,760 gallons of water per year
  • 1,083,320 gallons of water over seven years
  •  $1,736.96 in yearly utility costs

Plus, our durable machines last longer without costly breakdowns and repairs affecting your on-premises operation. 

Which machines are best for me? 2023-05-03T01:04:33+00:00

We suggest chatting with our Huebsch specialists who can provide you with customized guidance for your unique situation. We have machines that are well-suited for a variety of industries. Our team is ready to help you explore options.

Start Getting Dependable Performance

Don’t take chances. With Huebsch on-premises laundry machines, you don’t only get high-quality equipment—you also get peace of mind. Meet with helpful specialists today.

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