Store Profiles
An in-depth look inside the success of Huebsch® customers.

Laundry Lounge

What started as an offhand remark from Ceara Templin about the quality and environment of the local laundromat became the catalyst for husband and entrepreneur, John Templin, to envision a new facility, based on comfort and functionality

Laundry Land

Michael Finkelstein’s newest Laundry Land location in Portsmouth, Va., delivers a level of excellence that rises above others in his market.

Wash Co.

Wash Co. in Middletown, NY epitomizes what a vended laundry at the highest level looks like.

Duck River Laundry

Laundry Business Newcomer is Named Huebsch Store Owner of the Quarter

Galloway Enterprises-Coin Laundries

A serendipitous meeting leads to a lasting friendship, career change, and a profitable multi-store business venture.

Spin City Laundromats

Support from the right distributor partner helps a multi-store owner create two successful laundromats.

Sun Valley Laundromat

First-time store owner finds success after partnering with his distributor and manufacturer to completely remodel and retool his laundromat.

The Laundry Room Laundromat

One couple transformed an outdated laundromat into a successful business with support from their distributor and manufacturer.

Northside Coin Laundry & Saginaw Laundry Center

A deep understanding of the demographics and technological benefits of Huebsch® equipment allows laundry owner to meet the unique needs of his diverse customers while building two successful laundromats.

Wash-N-Go Coin Laundromat

One laundromat owner grows his business to seven stores with help from his equipment distributor and manufacturer.

Jennifer Haley's Coin Laundromat

Distributor support and expertise prove successful for store owner, expanding from one to four laundromats.

Earlybird Laundromats

From his first to seventh store, laundry experts help guide former mortgage analyst to success.

National Laundry

Signage, bright and inviting colors, innovative equipment and ancillary services create a pleasing experience for customers.

Speed Coin Laundry

Adjoining laundromat provides further convenience to gas station owner and his customers.

Tropical Laundry

New machines create a contemporary, profitable laundromat for Florida family.

SMA Laundromat & Resource Center

A Smart Investment in a Laundromat Helps Memphis Non-profit Generate Funding for Years to Come.

West Airport Washateria

Huebsch® Provides Multi-Store Owner a Fresh Start.