Laundromat owner gives back to the community

It’s sometimes easy to forget the valuable service that laundromats provide. Clean clothes are a basic need and contribute to human dignity. We walk a bit taller when we have clean clothes. So, for those with no access to laundry equipment at home, laundromats are essential. 

 However, many owners in the business take their commitment to their communities beyond the day-to-day operations for paying customers. Whether it’s through the CLA’s Laundry Cares or being active in their own local efforts, and partnerships, laundromat owners have a rich history of helping those in need in their communities. 

 A recent article from New Hampshire Public Radio detailed such efforts. Wash Street owner Kristyn Van Ostern in Manchester, NH is featured in the piece. Her Huebsch-equipped laundry regularly opens its doors to unhoused persons in her area and offers free wash and drying. 

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