Huebsch laundromat with green folding table

Ensure that your signage makes an impression

When it comes to creating an image and a brand for your laundromat, everything contributes. From cleanliness of the equipment and store in general to a helpful, friendly staff, little things mean a lot. Setting this image and atmosphere doesn’t just happen. Far too many owners forget that staying on top of these things is important; it isn’t just about making a splash at grand opening and month number one. 

Your store’s signage definitely contributes to that customer experience. If a quick glance around your laundry reveals handwritten signs, faded signs, or signs utilizing masking or clear tape as the primary means of attachment to walls or doors, you’re likely doing signage wrong. If it’s important enough to post in the store, it’s important enough to be onbrand and well-executed.  

Below are a few tips to consider when it comes to upping your game with instore signage. 

 Less is more. Not everything requires a sign to communicate. So, ask that question first before creating one. Second question to ask is can multiple notices be set on one sign. Remember, less is more. 

Know your key messages. Identify the most important messages and then craft a plan on how best to package them. You know machine and technology offerings instructions are at the top of the list (you want to ensure customers feel comfortable using equipment and embrace new technology, such as apps). 

Language matters. Make sure your messaging is concise and easily understood. Most writing should be structured for a fifth-grade reading level. Don’t forget spell check and offer the message in multiple languages that reflect the diversity of your customer base 

Remember your brand. There’s something to be said for signs that stand out. But there’s also something to be said for consistency. Your signage should mimic your brand’s color, typography and overall tone. In looking at your store signs they should be noticed, but they should also look like they match your décor. The key word is “professional”  

Stick the landingYou’ve taken care to design signs to match your brand, don’t ruin it in the final execution and opt for cheap printing and a masking tape application. Working with a quality printer and selecting coated signs