6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

 6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

Efficient business owners are some of our favorite people to talk to. From their approach to their daily to-do’s to their tips and tricks for getting the most out of every day, those talks are always so insightful! In an effort to help you be more efficient, check out these 6 tips for managing an efficient laundry business!

1. Provide ongoing training for staff.

A well-trained staff is a key part of a successful business. Whether you have 1 employee or 100, take the time to train them on the proper use of the laundry equipment, customer service techniques, and safety procedures. Laundry equipment training seminars, like the ones we offer here at Huebsch, are great for those who want to learn more about the technical aspects of commercial laundry equipment. The more efficient and well-trained your staff are, the more efficient your coin laundry business will be.

2. Utilize laundry technology. 

Laundry technology is more advanced than ever. Reporting, monitoring and configuration capabilities through systems like Huebsch Command allow you to make intelligent business decisions, save money, save time, and manage your business more effectively. As an added bonus, customers will love technology like convenient app-based payment systems and easy-to-use controls, which will help improve customer satisfaction at your laundromat.

3. Keep your laundromat organized.

It’s hard to manage your laundry business efficiently if you don’t know where anything is. Setting up an organizational system for documents, supplies, and other important business items helps cut back on wasted time and prevents important details from falling through the cracks. Plus, it makes onboarding employees or transitioning them for new roles much smoother and more efficient.

4. Keep a maintenance schedule.  

Much like a car or your home, commercial washer-extractors, front-load washers, tumble dryers, and other vended laundry equipment all require ongoing maintenance to operate efficiently. It is important that laundromat owners and managers set a schedule and follow the recommended maintenance tips for all of their commercial laundry equipment. If not, you may be dealing with costly equipment downtime, repairs, and replacements. The best way to avoid a big problem is to catch it before it becomes a big problem.

5. Make safety a priority.

We mentioned safety briefly above, but it bears repeating. Safety should always be a top concern for any business. No one wants to see anyone get hurt. Not to mention lawsuits, workers’ compensation, insurance claims, damage to your washers and dryers, and other issues that can come from not making safety a top priority at your laundromat. Don’t miss our safety recommendations for your commercial laundry equipment. 

6. Upgrade your equipment.

Old, outdated washers and dryers can be having a bigger impact on efficiency at your laundromat than you realize. Upgrading your equipment to energy-efficient washers and dryers can allow you to dramatically lower utility costs and reduce cycle times. Plus, newer machines come with the technology mentioned above to help you better manage every aspect of your coin laundry business. Overall, that means you’re able to serve more customers at a lower cost in less time, which is a win-win-win for you and your bottom line.

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