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Huebsch’s Cardenas shares insights for industry article

Large capacity can mean larger revenue in the laundromat world. But what qualifies as “large” and what has customer demand meant for equipment mix in today’s laundries?   In the June issue of American Coin-Op, Bruce Beggs, editorial director, tackles those […]


Need to update? Now is the perfect time

Still on the fence about whether to update your store’s dated laundry equipment with the current rebates and special financing Huebsch is offering? Well, upgrading doesn’t make sense unless it brings great returns – and today’s Huebsch models bring plenty […]


Huebsch provides VIP service through hotline

When you buy Huebsch laundry equipment for your laundromat, you are getting far more than the world’s most reliable and efficient washer-extractors and tumble dryers. Huebsch owners are part of a larger family and reap the benefits of value-added services […]


Know your laundromat terms

New to the laundromat business? Does it seem like folks are speaking a new language? Well, it’s not that complicated. Familiarizing yourself with a few key terms will make it easy to understand the industry and have you communicating like […]


The keys to laundromat success

There’s nothing more rewarding than starting your own business. With all sorts of technology and innovation, it’s a pretty exciting time to be in the laundry industry as well. If you’re thinking about opening a laundromat or you’re already in […]