Need to update? Now is the perfect time

Published On: May 31st, 2023Categories: Blog, Laundromats

Still on the fence about whether to update your store’s dated laundry equipment with the current rebates and special financing Huebsch is offering? Well, upgrading doesn’t make sense unless it brings great returns – and today’s Huebsch models bring plenty of return on investment. Here are a few to ponder. 

  •  High Gs = high turns. It’s pretty simple, stores that get customers in and out fast are able to serve more customers. High G-Force spins more water from wash loads, thereby reducing dry times.  
  •  Efficiency = speed. Looking to double down on the turns? Add high-efficiency tumblers with the 200 G-Force washer-extractors. Customers will save even more drying time and increase your potential for more turns…and more revenue. 
  •  More options = more revenue. Cycle modifiers such as extra washes and extra rinses are direct lines to increased revenue and profit. By offering customers additional wash and dry options, a high percentage of them will select one or more of them. 
  •  Intuitive controls = happy customers. Galaxy Touch offers a user experience like no other. The controls use real words to describe to customers what they are getting, and multiple language options ensure all customers can operate them. Happy customers come back…and that means more revenue. 
  •  App = streamlined experience. The Huebsch App not only keeps customers updated on their cycles, but it also offers the ability to pay from their smartphone – a major plus in our increasingly cashless society. Now, if you add in the owner app, you’ll save management time by having operations data at your fingertips. In a time is money world, that time savings ROI is not to be minimized. 

 If you’re ready to tap into this wealth of ROI, act fast, rebates end June 16, 2023. Rebates start at $100 per unit for 20-pound washer-extractors and go up to $800 and $1,000 for 80- and 1