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Be an expert resource for your customers

Published On: January 19th, 2021Categories: Blog

While the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is a bright spot to focus on  a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel – for most of us, and many of your laundry’s customers, those shots are months away. With that in mind, we are still intensely focused on getting the ultimate clean for our clothes, bedding, towels, etc. 

Your laundry is already a destination for customers but are you an expert resource? Providing your customers with additional laundry tips during these uncertain times can be especially helpful. In addition, by using signage to outline exactly what they are getting with each wash cycle and cycle modifier, your store may benefit as well through increased revenue. Make sure customers are also aware of the high-heat, germ-killing power of your tumble dryers. 

Consider leveraging these points in your preferred marketing tactics, which may net new customers and even those with laundry equipment at home seeking a better wash/sanitized result.  

Leverage the tips below for helping your customers gain peace of mind as well as get in and out of your essential service laundry fast. 

  • Consider positioning your wash-dry-fold as the best solution to take out all the guesswork. This may be the preferred choice for those clients who may not have used yours or another vended laundry lately. Using signage and social media/website posts, detail the extra care customers will get and the specific “COVID-19 Cycles” you’ll use – ultra hot water, extra rinse, high heat tumble dry and plastic wrap of folded loads. 
  • Think like a first-time customer. What information would you want to get in and out of the store fast? Post signage up front so immediately upon entering, they are greeted with your recommendations on cycles and equipment. 
  • Reinforce your recommendations on machines with additional signage or even stick-on arrows pointing them to the preferred cycle. Color code the arrows for good-better-best washes. This is where controls that detail wash cycles give owners a major advantage in walking customers through exactly what they get…making it easy to add on premium wash options.