6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

Let technology bridge the distance gap between stores

If you’re a laundromat owner, you already know location is one of the key elements to a store’s success. Ideal locations include areas with a high number of rental properties or apartment complexes, college campuses, schools, or neighborhoods near shopping centers and heavily trafficked roads.

6 Tips for Managing an Efficient Laundry Business

When opening your second laundromat, one of the biggest considerations you’ll make is how far away your next store will be from your first. This decision is often governed by your business plan and the type of technology you’re interested in utilizing, as today’s laundry management systems make operating multiple stores over longer distances much simpler than in years past. In fact, there are successful owners with stores as much as 25 miles or more apart.

Your stores don’t need to be far apart in order to use a modern technology, though. Operating a couple stores in close proximity can be done manually, but it is much easier using an a suite of technology tools because the issues that arise multiply as you reach three or more stores. Issues can include anything from machine outages, the need to remote start machines or offer refunds to building maintenance and even personnel issues, if your store is staffed.

The more technology in place to monitor revenue, equipment issues, and operations data at multiple locations, the more efficiently the business can be run from afar with minimal presence on-site. Today’s systems can even set up and manage marketing and promotional campaigns and help acquire new customers. An additional component to think about is a point of sale system that can help streamline ancillary item sales and wash-dry-fold service.

This means less oversight is required on your part, freeing you up to focus on additional revenue-generating opportunities such as adding a wash-and-fold service, pick up and drop off, etc.

Keep in mind, different washer and dryer brands come with different technology. If you’re shopping for new machines as part of a retooling process, ask about the technology features with each brand, such as an app system where customers can pay using their smartphone. This will only save you time and money in the long run.