10 Advantages of Huebsch Softmount Washer-Extractors

While searching for new vended washer-extractors, laundromat owners are met with a long roster of options to choose from. Huebsch softmount washer-extractors are machines that laundromat owners should consider, as they are easy to use, efficient and offer plenty of value. Continue reading below to learn about 10 advantages that come with using Huebsch softmount washer-extractors.

  1. Owners can choose between eight different machine capacities that include 20-, 30-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound varieties, offering a machine to address the needs of each type of laundromat user.
  2. Huebsch machines are easy to install and because of their spring and shock structure, they don’t require any special foundations for installation and can be placed on any type of flooring. This offers extra versatility to explore locations that weren’t an option for hardmount units.
  3. Huebsch softmount washer-extractors are designed to eliminate 90 to 97 percent of vibration output on a variety of surfaces without bolting, which means that owners (and their customers) can enjoy quiet, rattle-free performance.
  4. Because Huebsch softmount washer-extractors reach a higher extraction speed than other vended equipment, they reduce dry times and, as a result, reduce wear and tear on tumble dryers.
  5. Softmount washer-extractors are incredibly efficient and cost-effective. That’s an important factor considering nearly two-thirds of laundromat owners say that 29 percent of their gross profit is spent on utilities.
  6. When using a 400 G-Force softmount washer-extractor, owners can save up to 25 percent on the cost of gas utilities (due to shorter dry times), allowing them to reinvest the money into their business and enhance laundromat operations.
  7. Huebsch softmount washer-extractors with high G-force have a 10 to 15% higher turnover rate than machines with low G-force.
  8. The Huebsch Galaxy Touch control on softmount washer-extractors offers a multi-lingual display as well as profitable cycle modifiers that enable customers to tailor wash cycles to their unique needs.
  9. The machines’ large door openings allow for easy and convenient loading and unloading of laundry, something that patrons are sure to appreciate.
  10. By removing more water, Huebsch softmount washer-extractors provide quicker drying times, which helps increase turns and profit throughout the day.

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