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Tropical Laundry

The Stone family partnered with Commercial Laundries of West Florida and Huebsch Financial Services to replace dated equipment and transform Tropical Laundry.

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Driven To Serve

With no washer and dryer in his childhood home outside Daytona Beach, Florida, Chance Stone can remember accompanying his parents on trips to the local laundromat every Saturday. While a routine chore to some, he enjoyed spending these quality hours with his family each week. Stone couldn’t have known back then that a laundromat just a short drive away — that didn’t even exist yet — would tie his future family together decades later.

While growing up in Volusia County, a beach community fueled by NASCAR® and a primarily blue-collar work force, Stone developed a passion to serve others. So much so, that a year after graduating high school in 1987 he enlisted in the United States Army.