Why you can’t afford long lead times

Published On: July 13th, 2022Categories: Laundromats

Laundromat owners must consider missed-opportunity costs 

In the business world, few things can be more expensive than missed-opportunity costs. Nowhere is that more accurate than in the laundry business. Laundromat owners putting off upgrading dated equipment will suffer a heavy missed-opportunity costs. 

  • Efficiency. Whether it’s upgrading top load washers to washer-extractors, or inefficient tumble dryers, the savings are significant. Washer-extractors not only bring improved water efficiency, but their high G-Force extraction speeds reduce drying times. Every day that goes by without an upgrade is money lost to the owner …in some ways, literally down the drain. 
  • Return on investment. Upgrading equipment, even just a bank of washer-extractors, gives owners an opportunity to command a higher vend. Now, add in the significant lift – sometimes in the double figures as a percent of revenue – from cycle modifiers, and the ROI can really raise the laundry’s bottom line. But again, every day that goes by is another missed opportunity cost to your business. Uncaptured revenue is gone forever. 
  • New investor. The business world moves fast. So, if you’ve embarked on the buildout of your new store, but your equipment supplier is nine months, a year, or longer in even getting your equipment, much less getting it installed, what’s the missed-opportunity cost of a year of lost revenue? 

Bottom line, with the current business environment/economy, no business can wait for equipment. At Huebsch, we understand this and that’s why we’ve worked hard to get our customers products as fast as possible with little or no waiting. Long lead times come at a significant missed-opportunity cost. 

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