Huebsch® Cincinnati Equipment Distributor Shares Helpful Tips when Pursuing a Turnkey Laundromat in American Coin-Op Magazine

Published On: February 1st, 2016Categories: News

In American Coin-Op’s December Coin-Op 101 column, Steve Millman, co-owner of H-M Company – a family-run Huebsch® distributor in Cincinnati – discusses the concept of turnkey laundromats, a hands-off approach to opening a laundromat in which a distributor handles a significant amount of the design and construction. Millman provides potential investors with many facts to consider before pursuing a turnkey laundromat, but most of all emphasizes the importance of developing a deep understanding of the location’s equipment and customer base.

“If considering working with a distributor on a turnkey laundromat, think through these considerations to determine if it is the best approach for you,” Milman advises. “No matter what you decide, a world-class distributor will work with you as a trusted partner throughout every step of opening and running your laundry business.”

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