Patented Tumbler Perforations Help Prevent Damage

Oval Tumbler Holes

Huebsch's recently patented oval perforations for its axial airflow tumbler cylinders are a major step toward preventing equipment damage.

For years, owners of vended laundries have had to replace cylinder enclosures due to their being damaged by screws. Drywall-size fasteners left in clothes often slip out of pockets during drying and get caught in the tumbler's cylinder perforations. While the cylinder continues to rotate, the screws tear the enclosure.

The Huebsch, oval perforations, however, pass the screws, allowing them to fall into the lint area without any damage to the cylinder or its enclosure.

"Customers have relied on Huebsch tumblers for their efficiency and innovative designs," said Barry Christenson, Huebsch national sales manager. "Our patented oval perforations are just the latest in a long line of innovations we've brought to the industry."