Laundry Owner 'Going Against the Grain'

Spring Clean Laundry Wichita Kansas

Sep. 15th, 2008

Spring Clean Laundry in Wichita, Kan. and its owner Perry Duncan are profiled in a story titled "Going Against the Grain" in the September issue of The Journal.

Duncan's 8,000-square-foot laundry, which features Huebsch equipment, offers a variety of unique and energy saving elements that have helped him keep utility expenses below 25 percent of gross sales.

Other "against-the-grain" elements of Spring Clean Laundry include wall-to-wall carpeting and only 50-pound Huebsch drying tumblers.

"My customers are happy when they leave, because the dryers dry in three quarters," Duncan says in the article of his pricing the tumblers at 25 cents for 10 minutes.