Huebsch Social Media

June 2012

We are pleased to announce that Huebsch now has a presence on all of these social network websites. This will expand the reach of Huebsch marketing by putting the Huebsch name in front of millions creating more opportunities for you.

  • Twitter has 175 million active users
  • Facebook has 640 million active users and 250 million users access the site every 24 hours
  • LinkedIn has 100 million active business professionals as members
  • YouTube has 2 billion views per day of the videos posted on the site
  • Shutterfly has millions of users with billions of pictures on the web

To see any of these sites, click on the icons at the top of the page. Join the conversation. We also recommend you add these links to your own company website. Here's a brief description of each of these sites:

News Twitter

Twitter users set up their profile to "follow" certain companies and individuals. These companies and individuals will send out messages, referred to as "tweets" periodically. The "tweets" will show up on the follower's personal page. Huebsch uses Twitter to post industry and distributor events, highlight exciting features and postings of other items to keep Huebsch in the forefront of our follower's minds.

News Facebook

Most of you have already heard of Facebook. It began as purely a social website where people could display their own pictures, start conversations with other users (fans) and write about things they were doing. It has expanded to be a frequently visited website and many companies, including Huebsch, take advantage of this frequency and post many of the same items on Twitter.

News Linkedin

LinkedIn is geared to business professionals and was developed as a networking site for business. It may not have the social aspects of a Twitter or Facebook but from a pure business point of view, it is one of the best. Many times questions are asked and answered. Huebsch plans to actively seek out these questions as they pertain to commercial laundries and provide answers because as you know, "Huebsch is the Answer".

News Youtube

While a picture may speak a thousand words, a video speaks a million. And YouTube is all about video! We have developed our own "channel" that YouTube users can subscribe to. Subscribers will be notified every time we add a new video. Current videos include the Huebsch Product Life Testing Lab and History of Huebsch. Future plans are to add testimonials from current laundry owners.

News Shutterfly