Huebsch Galaxy Takes Control to the Next Level

March 31st, 2009

G600 Pda

Huebsch has the answer for vended laundry owners desiring greater control of their businesses, and that answer is Galaxy - the next generation of washer-extractor controls. The Galaxy line is designed to aid management, while offering the features and wash quality customers want.

Vended laundry owners can choose from three levels - Galaxy 600, Galaxy 400 and Galaxy 200.

"For years, Huebsch has been the answer for store owners looking for high quality, dependable equipment," said Barry Christenson, Huebsch national sales manager. "With the launch of Galaxy, we've added our most user-friendly controls with the 'green' features owners need to curb expenses and maintain a high level of profitability," he said.

Among the Galaxy 600 features to make management easy are:

  • PC/PDA programming and audit via an infrared port
  • Time-of-day pricing
  • Ability to interface with card reader of owner's choice
  • Advanced leak detection is a green feature to prevent wasting water
  • 30 water levels to select from to reduce water consumption

Galaxy 600 also offers a variety of features and improvements customers will appreciate, such as:

  • 24 possible cycle selections
  • Extra wash and rinse keys
  • Control instructions offered in both English and Spanish
  • Washer-extractors have a new four-compartment chemical dispenser

"Galaxy 600 is the total package, taking management and customer satisfaction to the next level," Christenson said. "This new control platform also ushers in a variety of upgrades to our washer-extractor line. Owners will see improvements to the door handle as well as a more reliable door lock mechanism."

Other improvements include a triple-lip seal for advanced protection of the bearings, an upgrade to the chemical dispenser to eliminate oversudsing, and enhanced security to the coin vault. Huebsch also increased the capacity of coin vaults on the 40-, 60- and 80-pound models to account for the higher vend prices these units command.

These mechanical changes are offered on all three levels of the Galaxy Control. Galaxy 400 and 200 models, however, offer reduced control features from the Galaxy 600. To learn more about Galaxy and why Huebsch is the answer to the needs of both vended laundry owners and their customers, visit or call 800-553-5120.