Huebsch Coin Laundry Specialist is Columnist on Web Site

September 19th, 2008

Arthur Wechsler Ed Brown Distributors

Arthur Wechsler, coin laundry specialist at Ed Brown Distributors, is featured as a contributing columnist on the American Coin-Op Web site.

In his column, "Choose Your Distributor Wisely," Wechsler discusses how to select a laundry equipment distributor who is tuned to your needs as an owner or new investor.

"Look for a distributor, who after listening to you, asks questions before he/she directs you toward equipment and a store setup that will work for you," Wechsler writes. "Be wary of the distributor who sticks with, and pushes, one idea from the start."

Wechsler is a veteran of the laundry industry and experienced in guiding new investors in the coin laundry business. Ed Brown Distributors is an authorized Huebsch distributor based in Dallas, Texas.

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