Huebsch® Front Load Washer Now Available with Galaxy™ 600 Controls

RIPON, Wis. – (June 1, 2015) – Huebsch®, the expert in commercial laundry efficiency, has added GalaxyTM 600 controls to its new, small chassis front load washers. This intuitive control system provides vended store owners with the ability to lower utility costs and maximize profits while ensuring the best experience for customers. 

“Galaxy 600 controls are now available on Huebsch’s front load washer, combining advanced innovations and leading controls,” said Kathryn Rowen, North American sales manager for Huebsch. “This addition will help laundromat owners achieve a highly efficient and profitable operation while increasing customer satisfaction.” 

Previously, Galaxy controls were only available on large chassis machines. Galaxy 600 control’s easy-to-use networking capability allows store owners to program and monitor their commercial laundry equipment from any Internet-connected PC or laptop. Remote monitoring gives store owners the ability to run a highly efficient operation at the lowest expense possible to enhance their profits. With Galaxy 600, store owners can conveniently retrieve and analyze performance data from any Internet-connected device, giving them more control of their business. 

Additionally, Galaxy 600 controls offer time-of-day pricing to manage peak customer usage throughout the day along with multi-vend pricing, allowing store owners to charge extra for warm and hot water. Cycle modifiers – including extra wash and extra rinse features – along with 24 customized cycles and 30 programmable water levels provide customers with even more options to meet their laundry needs. This results in additional revenue for laundromat owners and an optimal wash for customers.

 The addition of Galaxy 600 controls takes Huebsch’s all-new front load washer to the next level. Introduced earlier this year, the Huebsch front load washer has been enhanced with many advanced innovations. A cutting-edge new balancing system provides best-in-class vibration control and significantly quieter operation. The machine’s durable, stainless steel washtub is 20 percent larger to allow for bigger loads, allowing store owners to demand a higher vend price. Improved water and energy efficiencies also help store owners realize maximum efficiency by keeping utility bills at all-time lows. Additionally, the front load washer features a high extraction speed of 440 G-Force to remove more moisture from each load, reducing drying time and getting customers in and out quickly. The 10-degree tilted panel provides an effortless user experience. 

Also new in 2015 are three contemporary control panel overlay designs —Cityscape, Citron, and Slate— that are available on the stainless steel front load washer with Galaxy 600 controls. These modern overlays allow store owners to select equipment that complements their store’s appearance and personality, and matches the same high-end controls on large chassis machines. 

"Not only does the Galaxy 600 upgrade on the front load washer make it easy and convenient for store owners to manage their business and enhance their profits, but it provides customers with even more options to meet all their laundering needs,” Rowen adds. “Furthermore, the modern look of these machines create an aesthetically pleasing environment that attracts and retains customers.”

 600 Frontload

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